Overview Of Oracle Policy Automation


The challenge governments and businesses face is to figure out how to craft a more effective policy management strategy without breaking their over strained budgets. For a growing number of public and private sector organizations, the answer is an integrated policy automation platform to ensure consistency, increase organizational agility and enable transparency.

Achieve Agility Through Closed Loop Policy Automation Oracle Policy Automation, the breakthrough policy automation platform, enables organizations to deliver:

•      Consistent policy-based decision making throughout the organization

•     Agile response to policy changes and analysis

•      Transparency and audit ability

Policy Automation Overview

Figure 1. Oracle Policy Automation – an integrated policy automation platform

Oracle Policy Automation is an integrated policy platform that manages policies in a seamless, circular workflow that:

•   Collects information that resides in siloed groups - policy experts, knowledge workers and legacy systems

•     Defines and model policies; run what-if scenarios and perform pilot tests to determine their viability and effect on specific business areas

•      Deploy and enforce policies and controls across all relevant business areas and
applications – including self-service, call center and back-end business processes

•       Monitor and analyze policy impact in real business situations

•        Update policies, based on analysis, new regulations, changing business priorities

Historically, business users’ input into the actual policies which are enforced in practice has been limited, as the logic has been trapped within large and complex IT systems. Oracle Policy Automation addresses this problem by enabling the users to create and modify policies directly, using natural language and familiar software tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel no matter what language they speak. This enables collaboration between the different groups to ensure that the end result reflects the knowledge and priorities of the different areas of the organizations as well as streamlining the process.

Oracle Policy Automation supports a broad range of platforms, and has a flexible SOA compliant architecture which makes it simple to integrate with CRM, ERP and HR systems
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