The Family of Oracle Policy Automation

Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service

  OPA Cloud Service includes a full set of tools and integration options to automate and audit policies with Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud or any other cloud or on-premise application. OPA Cloud Service includes:

  •  Policy Modeling and Hub

  •  Service Cloud Connectivity

  •  Web Service Connectivity

  •  Determination APIs

Oracle In-Memory Policy Analytics

  In-Memory Policy Analytics uses Oracle Times Ten database server for Exalytics in your private or managed cloud to provide rapid policy scenario analysis and planning. In-Memory Policy Analytics includes:

  •  Policy Modeling and Hub
  •  Analysis Work spaces
  •  TimesTen for Exalytics Connectivity

Oracle policy Automation

Oracle Policy Automation

  Oracle Policy Automation is the private and managed cloud solution for modeling and deploying policies throughout the policy life cycle. It provides flexible deployment and integration options, and includes:

  •  Oracle Policy Modeling

  •  Siebel Connectivity

  •  Determination APIs

  •  Mobile Deployment
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